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House Matsumoto Okada

Project Details:
Location: Matsumoto-City, Nagano Pref. Japan

Type: Residential, Private House

Structure: Wooden timber framwork,Two-story

Status: Built
Area: 128.59 sqm
Site Area: 300.17 sqm
Architects: MTK architects
Architect In Charge: Akira Metoki
Structural Engineer: Hidemasa Nagata

Construction: Matsumoto-Doken Co. ltd.
Photographs: Yuko Tada

Publication: ArchDaily, Architizer, architecture lab, AECCafe


The “ROKUTENGOKEN-DO” is a two-storey single-family home. This house is sited in a quiet and relaxing residential area and has wonderful views and natural surroundings.

"I like the house with a gable roof. The roof must be gable!"  It was the request from the owner and was easily answered as I designed many gabled roofs in my previous projects.

I always think that to look beautiful the gable should has a simple straight line. That’s why a simple and rectilinear plan is needed.

ROKUTENGOKEN-DO is simply put, a modest-sized gabled building with a jet black metal roof. The roof slopes gently to accommodate the modulation, beyond which deep eaves extend and provide sun-shading. The linear and deep roof eaves will cast a shadow on the wall. The exterior of the house is a simple composition of textures, including of metal roof, black painted cedar siding, white painted plaster, which are layered horizontally.

Wooden timbers were chosen as the main construction material for the house. The wooden timber is a Japanese traditional structure. The design reflects Japanese tradition, thoughts and esthetic sense and emphasises the structural beauty; beams of the roof, vertical of pillars, horizontal of beams. The staircase is skeleton-type that is designed in consideration of the linearity and the timber structure.

The interior is extremely impressive contrast of dark brown floor, white walls, black ceiling and timbers. The floor is a herringbone of Asian Walnut timber. The composition of the lines is considered deeply as well as the distribution of the colours to perfect the interior.

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