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House Matsumoto Sasaga

Project Details:
Location: Matsumoto-City, Nagano Pref. Japan

Type: Residential, Private House

Structure: Wooden timber framework, Two-story

Status: Built
Area: 144.50 sqm
Site Area: 255.43 sqm
Architects: MTK architects
Architect In Charge: Akira Metoki
Structural Engineer: Hidemasa Nagata
Construction: Matsumoto-Doken Co. ltd.  

Photographs: Yuko Tada

Publication: Architizer, architecture lab, Archello

This family home has been designed as an integrated house and garden landscape. L-shaped in the plan, the house reveals different views of the garden as occupants move through the sequence of spaces.

The linear arrangement sets up a strong visual axis from the entrance to the living-dining room to the garden beyond. The Japanese tatami room is connected to the living-dining room by an exterior timber deck. The design intention was to add a sense of depth and extension by visually connecting the interior and exterior spaces. 

Openings facing the garden have different features; the windows of the living-dining room are wide to allow a view to the whole garden, while those of the tatami room (where people sit Japanese style directly on the floor) is set low to suit the line of sight. Daily views of the garden through the windows promote a sense of peace and relaxation throughout the home. 

The modern Japanese preference for vertical timber detailing is evident throughout the house. The use of timber and the integration of the garden, both visually and spatially, suggests a close connection with nature.   


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