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House Matsumoto Soyano

Project Details:
Location: Matsumoto-City, Nagano Pref. Japan

Type: Residential, Private House

Structure: Wooden timber framework, Two-story

Status: Built
Area: 128.59 sqm
Site Area: 248.08 sqm
Architects: MTK architects
Architect In Charge: Akira Metoki
Structural Engineer: Hidemasa Nagata

Construction: Matsumoto-Doken Co. ltd.
Photographs: Yuko Tada

Publication: ArchDaily, Architizer, DIVISARE


I am always aware of light during the design process; the way that light models an object and how it affects our moods is an important theme in this project.  The house is sited in a quiet and relaxing residential area and has wonderful views to the west of the Japanese Alps.  In this attractive environment, the family home has been designed with a spacious and sunny double-height living room which forms the centre of the home.  Each room is connected to this soaring space which promotes connections between family members.

The dining room, kitchen and bedrooms are arranged both horizontally and vertically around the double-height living room.  The living room features large window openings allowing sunlight to penetrate deep into the space.  The contrast of light and shadow is reinforced here, adding a sense of depth and extension into the space.

The natural beauty of timber is emphasised by the interior detailing.  In contrast to the textural qualities of the timber floors and joinery, the walls are all painted white.  The bright, sunny double-height space amplifies the warmth of the timber interior.

Externally the eastern elevation, facing the street, has been designed to appear contained and enclosed with minimal openings to ensure privacy for occupants.  The upper level is cantilevered over the timber entry porch forming a deep shadow over the front entry.


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