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畳 - Tatami -



1. 日本の美意識と畳の調和


2. デザイン的な畳の進化


3. 畳の静謐な雰囲気と集中力


4. 自然素材の香りと共鳴




The allure of tatami: the harmony of Japanese aesthetics and tranquil comfort.

I'm considering incorporating traditional Japanese tatami rooms into a holiday home we're planning in the resort area around Myoko and Nojiri. I believe tatami subtly influences daily life through its unique aesthetic qualities, and having tatami rooms, especially in resort areas, can introduce new values. Tatami isn't just a flooring material; it's deeply intertwined with Japanese culture and lifestyle. Its distinctive ambiance is ideal for quieting the mind and providing a perfect space for deep contemplation and meditation. Let's delve into the world of tatami.

1. Harmony of Japanese Aesthetics and Tatami:

Tatami symbolizes Japanese aesthetics. The patterns and designs woven into its surface reflect the intricacy of traditional Japanese craftsmanship. The presence of tatami creates a serene and harmonious atmosphere throughout the room, naturally expressing the Japanese sense of beauty.

2. Evolution of Tatami Design:

In recent years, tatami has evolved in terms of design. Beyond traditional patterns, we now see modern and refined designs emerging. The materials, colors, and unique patterns of tatami introduce artistic elements into the room, bringing a fresh breeze to our living spaces.

3. Tranquil Ambiance and Concentration on Tatami:

Tatami softens sounds, creating an overall tranquil atmosphere. This quality makes it conducive to meditation and mental clarity, enhancing concentration and deepening spirituality.

4. Harmony with Natural Scent:

Being crafted from natural materials, tatami emits a unique scent that envelops the space. This natural scent promotes a sense of calmness, contributing to a pleasant concentration during meditation. As the fragrance becomes integrated with the tatami over time, it adds to the unique atmosphere of the space.

The allure of 'tatami', which may seem to be fading from modern homes, lies in its ability to bring a sense of tranquillity to the heart, fostering meditation and spiritual depth. The beauty of Japan experienced on tatami transcends the material and resonates with the cultural quest for richness of heart and harmony. The spaces created by tatami, imbued with a meditative and spiritual atmosphere, contribute to the enhancement of both mental and physical well-being.






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