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障子 - shoji -









The allure of shoji and wood: embracing the heart of Japan in the Myoko-Nojiri area holiday home project.

In this article, I'd like to talk about the comfort we feel when traditional Japanese aesthetics and beautiful natural materials in the realm of architecture come together to create a new space.

Currently, we are considering incorporating traditional Japanese "shoji" screens around the windows in a holiday home project in the Myoko-Nojiri area. Shoji embodies Japan's delicate sense of beauty and harmonizes with simple design, offering flexibility in opening and closing to delicately adjust the room's ambiance and cater to various uses of space. So I would like to think a lot about these 'shoji' screens.

Traditional Japanese shoji and wood materials go beyond mere building materials to embody the Japanese sense of beauty. The soft touch of shoji and its semi-transparent Japanese paper invite natural light into the interior, casting subtle shadows and creating an atmosphere of elegance that permeates the room.

The beauty of shoji is not limited to its visual appeal. The delicate textures that can be experienced through touch provide a warmth that embraces the heart. It's a moment when the whole building feels like it has taken on a life of its own, not just a wall.

Japanese wooden architecture also reflects the warmth and traditional essence of natural materials. The wooden frame harmonises with the shoji, creating a balance between the interior and exterior of the building. Japan's architectural culture emphasises coexistence with nature and appreciates the beauty of the seasons. The sensations these materials bring to the creation of a new space are indescribable. It goes beyond the appearance and function of pure architecture and touches the hearts of the people who live in it, leaving a lasting impression.

In the holiday home project underway in the Myoko-Nojiri area, "shoji" evokes the desire for a new home and the expectation of a special space. For those envisioning a new space, we encourage you to consider shoji and Japanese wood materials. The beauty and comfort that these elements offer go beyond a typical building project and allow for the creation of special moments in everyday life. We hope that the melodies and warmth played by the beauty of Japan will resonate in your new space.






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