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夏の終わり、須坂市市役所で素晴らしいプレゼンテーションを行いました。信州木造り工房が誇るco屋POD(ポッド) SAIL(セイル)が、神奈川県海老名市との姉妹都市関係において大きな関心を集め、購入の意欲が高まっています。


木製組み立て小屋「POD ポッド」は、フレームがすべて県産木材で作られており、屋根には天幕シートが取り付けられています。さらに、防災用途としても使用できるバージョンも用意されており、避難所での一時的な防災倉庫としても、室内での個室としての利用も考えられています。その多彩な使い道は、地域社会における多目的なニーズに応えることができます。





Bridging environment and community development!

At the end of the summer, we made an impressive presentation at the Suzaka City Hall. The co屋 POD and SAIL, proudly made by Shinshu Kizukuri Kobo, have attracted considerable interest in the context of our sister city's relationship with Ebina City in Kanagawa Prefecture. People are increasingly enthusiastic about buying them.

In the future, both cities plan to use these POD and SAIL in jointly organised events and to explore new ways of using them. These remarkable products, selected as part of last year's "Wood Change" project in Nagano Prefecture, are assembly-style wooden structures and stands that utilise the beauty of Shinshu's cedar wood.

Known as the 'POD', the timber-frame structure is constructed entirely from locally sourced timber, with a canopy for the roof. There is also a disaster preparedness version that can be used as a temporary emergency shelter in evacuation areas or as a private space for individuals indoors. Their versatility meets a wide range of needs within our local communities.

In addition, co屋 POD and SAIL exude the enchanting fragrance of cedar wood, making them an attractive choice for those interested. For more information about these products or to express your interest in purchasing, please don't hesitate to contact Mr Sato, who is in charge of sales at the Nagano Forestry Association.

Nagano Forestry Association

We invite you to be part of this project that promotes environmentally friendly natural materials and contributes to the development of our local communities. We await your enquiries and look forward to building the future together.






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