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co民家筑北lab - vol.5 -


古民家再生の舞台、土台引きの始まりです! 基礎の準備が整い、いよいよ土台が現場に調和します。








古きを尊びながら、未来への道を切り拓く熱きプロジェクトの舞台裏を、どうぞお楽しみに! By GIGI

It's time to start the stage of revitalising the traditional Japanese farmhouse "Kominka"! The foundation work has been prepared and now the foundation is in harmony with the site. Each foundation is carefully marked and cut to fit the site. Unlike new buildings that rely on prefabricated materials, our approach turns the site itself into a workshop.

Our star is the proud 120mm square "Hinoki" wood, sourced from Nagano Prefecture, which exudes its delightful aroma throughout the site. The roles of marking and processing are seamlessly coordinated, showcasing the unique skills of craftsmanship. It's a magical performance by skilled craftsmen, an experience that cannot be replicated in pre-cut factories. The foundations are meticulously laid on top of ventilating packing materials, forming a continuous bond. They are firmly secured to the newly constructed base and anchor bolts and merge with the solid ground below. The lattice-like foundations serve as a stage for our endeavour to incorporate nested seismic boxes within the traditional structure, bridging the gap between the old and the new. These nested seismic boxes form the core of the Kominka.

Next, the columns and beams take centre stage. Their appearance will further reveal the charm of the traditional Kominka.

Through our blog, we hope to share the magical moments as the revitalisation of the Kominka comes to life. Stay tuned for a glimpse behind the scenes of this passionate project as we honour the past while forging a path into the future!





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