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Connecting generations through traditional Japanese homes -KOMINKA-

The Chikuhoku Lab site has been quiet lately, but today we had a visit from local middle school students.

About a month and a half ago, I received a call from a local middle school teacher. The teacher was interested in introducing our work and the traditional Japanese houses "KOMINKA" we're restoring to her students as part of her lifelong learning curriculum. Today was the day of their visit.

About 20 students and four teachers came to visit and their expressions were full of curiosity and amazement as they explored the restoration site of our traditional Japanese home, something very different from their usual surroundings.

We gave them a brief tour of the building and shared stories about the old house, details of our project and insights into the charm of traditional Japanese homes. We also discussed our commitment to extensively using locally sourced timber in restoration.

The students had many questions and it was a valuable day where we felt a strong connection between the Chikuhoku Lab project and the local community through their enthusiastic participation.

Looking to the future, we hope that these students will see this traditional Japanese home thriving when they grow up. We are determined to continue the renovation work diligently to complete it by the end of the year and showcase it as a successful example of the renovation of local traditional houses.

Thank you to all the students and teachers for coming out on such a hot day.

In our ongoing blog series about this traditional Japanese home, we aim to educate our readers about the appeal of such homes, the sense of community they foster and the importance of using local resources. by GIGI





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