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ND HOLIDAY HOME project -vol.3-

クライアントと共に歩む ND HOLIDAY HOME の設計の舞台裏


昨日、ND HOLIDAY HOME プロジェクトの3回目のミーティングを行いました。この回は、直接お会いしての対面ミーティングで、私個人的にはオンラインミーティングより直接お会いして相手の表情が見えるかたちのミーティングの方が好きです。安心します。








Behind the Scenes of Designing ND HOLIDAY HOME Alongside the Client

Autumn is finally here, although it's still quite hot during the day.

Yesterday, we had the third meeting for the ND HOLIDAY HOME project. This time, it was an in-person meeting, and personally, I prefer these face-to-face meetings over online ones. It's reassuring to see the expressions on the faces of the people you're working with.

During this meeting, we reviewed details such as the height of the building, the roof design, the position and style of windows, and the ceiling heights of each room. We also discussed the exterior design by looking at elevation drawings.

As for the exterior design, we're planning to use simple metal roof cladding called "TATEHAZE-BUKI"(standing seam roof profile) and wall cladding made from local timber wood panels. In particular, our decision to use local timber wood is driven by our commitment to using regional resources and promoting ethical consumption. We'll be using 'KITASINANO no SUGI', a type of local cedar. This is in line with our aim to support local resources at a local level. Of course, we also plan to use locally sourced wood for the structural components.

The floor plan has come together well, with a more efficient and clear layout, resulting in a clean and refined exterior design for the building. Although we've faced some challenges along the way, we've managed to create a simple and sophisticated design that seems to satisfy our client immensely.

The basic design phase is approaching its end with the completion of floor plans, sections, and elevations. Next, we'll proceed with soil testing, finalize the structural design, and move on to the next phase: 'design development'.

The smooth progress we've made so far can be attributed to our client's cooperative and sincere attitude. We're truly grateful for their support. The project is steadily moving forward."




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