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ND HOLIDAY HOME project -vol.4-

秋を迎えて: 別荘の設計と風景を明らかにする









Embrace autumn: Reveal the design and landscape of the holiday home project

October has arrived, bringing with it the long-awaited atmosphere of autumn - at last, the temperatures are cooling and the skies have opened up. I made two visits to the site this week - on Monday to make a building outline called "Jinawa", and today for the geological survey.

"Jinawa" is crucial to understanding how a building is aligned with its site. This involves using ropes or strings to mark the position of the building on the ground. This time it proved to be quite challenging - the large site, the undulating terrain and the presence of trees made stringing the ropes a bit of a task.

Looking at the site marked 'Jinawa', the assumed positions seem to be quite level, and it doesn't seem to affect the depth of the foundations. The placement of the building feels just right, and we're looking forward to the views of the forest from each room.

With the outline of the building now defined by "Jinawa", we moved on to the geological survey today. The structural engineer has identified eight points for investigation. The equipment shown in the photographs is being moved to each point for testing. This round of testing uses the "screw weight penetration test", the most widely used method in residential geological surveys.

I'll get the results later and, based on the data, I'll discuss it with the structural engineer and decide on the structural design and foundation. From the feel of the site, it looks like the footing foundation will work well.

The last picture shows a view of the sight line from the entrance to the west terrace. We look forward to seeing how this image will look after construction is completed.

I will keep you updated on this project after this!




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