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ND HOLIDAY HOME project -vol.5-







Focus on local timber: Visit to the local sawmill

Yesterday I was on site to meet with the tree removal contractor regarding the existing trees and to confirm the septic tank location with the installation contractor for the villa project. Although the trees haven't started to change colour, there was a slight chill in the air compared to my last visit.

With regard to the removal of existing trees, we discussed the current situation on site, confirmed the condition and number of trees to be removed, and discussed the progress of the tree removal work. The removal of the trees and logs including trunks and branches after removal will depend on the client's wishes, which we will discuss at a meeting scheduled for early next week. The site will certainly be a new landscape once the trees have been removed.

After meeting with various contractors, we visited the only local sawmill using local timber. The purpose of the visit was to confirm that the timber I am thinking of using for the project was available at the sawmill to assess its suitability for processing and to match the structural requirements.

According to the sawmill manager, this type of sawmill has become rare in this area, and this is the only one left. Wherever you look in this sawmill, you can see piles of local timber, and the pleasant smell of wood permeates the air, creating a delightful atmosphere. It reinforced the importance of looking after these places and passing them on to the next generation. It's a reaffirmation that it's important for us as designers to use local timber and ensure that the next generation will be able to build wonderful buildings from local timber...




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