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ND HOLIDAY HOME project -vol.6-












Transformative Oak Felling for a New Beginning.

In the site area where the leaves have completely fallen from the trees, the majestic oaks, some 30 to 40 years old and over 15 metres high, are gradually being transformed by the felling operations that began on 23rd November. Selective felling is currently being carried out on the oaks left over from the forest's history, in accordance with the project's requirements.

These oaks, stretching upwards in a seemingly unstoppable quest for light, are a striking sight despite the prevalence of snow in the area. The view looking up from directly below is truly inspiring!

Looking at the forest register, it seems that this area was originally a forest of Japanese larch (karamatsu). Over time, the Japanese larch disappeared and it seems that seeds from elsewhere took root, leading to the transformation into an oak forest.

The felling will involve trees around the future site of the building, the access road and around the overhead power lines. Three beautiful maple trees were identified in a pre-felling survey, two of which will be relocated and the relatively tall tree will be preserved without felling.

Efforts are being made to retain as many existing trees as possible around the building. For example, in planning the parking spaces, consideration is given to placing them between the trees.It pains me to see trees cut down, even if it's only to a minimal extent. That's why I've instructed the contractor to use the felled trees for firewood and to pile the small branches in the corner of the site so that they can be returned to the ground.

In addition, the building plan includes the use of locally sourced timber, emphasizing the importance of regional natural resources. Grateful for the cycle of trees being born in this place and coming to life in a different place, I express my deep appreciation to the client who shares this philosophy.

Felling is expected to be completed in a few days and the site will soon be transformed into a winter wonderland. We look forward to sharing the joy of next year's thaw and the opening of a new chapter.




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