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ND HOLIDAY HOME project -vol.7-








Ski Resort Villas: Behind the Scenes of Design Harmonizing with Nature

Myoko/Nojiri/Ski Resort Holiday Home project

Yesterday I went to the site to check on the progress of the felling. The sky was clear, and in the distance, the ski slopes of Myoko and Kurohime had become a fascinating contrast of white and grey.

The site is located in the ski areas of Myoko, Kurohime, and Nojiri, and offers picturesque views in all seasons.

We had our 6th meeting with the client on site and were able to confirm the progress of the felling. The felling is progressing well, with four craftsmen sharing the work efficiently. In addition, the felled trees have been cut into 40-50cm logs for firewood and neatly stacked in the designated area, a thoughtfulness that I greatly appreciate.

Small branches and leaves that won't be used for firewood have been chipped using a chipper. When the head of the felling team said, "This way, the trees return to the soil," I murmured in my heart how wonderful it was to share the same philosophy.

The meeting concluded smoothly. With the felling expected to be completed by the middle of this month, all that remains is to consolidate the image and complete the drawings.

The progress of the project will continue to be reported on this blog, "Toki". If you are interested in building a villa or residential building, please feel free to contact us. If you have any questions or would like to arrange a meeting, please let us know at your convenience.




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